SOFIHUB advanced adaptive care technology gives people of all ages and abilities the freedom and confidence to live independently, while dramatically reducing their reliance on family or professional carers.

SOFIHUB has developed a suite of intelligent adaptive technology that enables the aged and at-risk members of society to live independently. It delivers constant personalised care that is proactive, predictive and protective. It provides companionship, it instils confidence and it dramatically lessens the burden on carers.

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TEQ-FallsAlert powered by Sofihub employs radar technology that provides continuous non-invasive monitoring, allowing care resources to be managed efficiently.

Affixed to the corner of a room, the TEQ-FallsAlert constantly monitors a room for a fall and instantly notifies care providers when this occurs, allowing for an immediate response. This passive solution doesn’t require the patient to wear or do anything differently. Falls from bed, seated and standing are all detected.


Embedded Health Solutions (EHS) is Australia’s most trusted partner of medication management and home care solutions.

As leaders in medication management, Ward Medication Management and Mederev have joined forces to form EHS. EHS brings innovative and comprehensive solutions to improve the way Quality Use of Medicine and medication management is delivered in Aged Care.

EHS helps health care workers with professional knowledge and advice to help prevent incidents of medicine-related harm and to ensure that residents and patients get the best out of life. EHS provides expert geriatric clinical pharmacy decision support to GPs, delivers medication training to health professionals and provides individuals with a proactive medication service.

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