How eazense (Powered By SOFIHUB) Is Changing the Way We Deliver In-Patient Care



Since announcing our exclusive distribution partnership with Swedish company, Raytellingence, developers of eazense, CARETEQ is pleased to be sharing the first in a series of informative videos showcasing the capabilities of this unique monitoring system.

eazense – powered by Sofihub, employs new radar technology that provides continuous non-intrusive fall detection monitoring, allowing care resources to be managed efficiently.

The system assists care providers to monitor and respond quickly to those in their care should a resident experience a fall. This ultimately gives people of all ages and abilities the added security and confidence to experience aging in place.

Peter Scala, Managing Director & CEO of CARETEQ, says, ” This new and exciting technology will change the way, residential care facilities monitor falls. It will provide real-time detection allowing immediate response to a resident in need”.

Over the coming weeks, Careteq will be rolling out more information on our suite of assistive technology solutions that can be customised, scaled and integrated within existing care facilities or in-home.