Welcome to careteq

A Message from Our Chairman

We are pleased to report that our business has made strong and continuous progress through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This has been achieved with the inclusion of new products that have been internationally sourced. This has boosted our offering in the assistive technology market, all of which are integrated and powered by our proprietary SOFIHUB technology platform. This in turn strengthens our SaaS revenue model.

We are also pleased to announce the recent acquisition of Ward Medication Management. This acquisition diversifies our capabilities and provides the ability to introduce automation to the medication review process through integration into the CARETEQ technology platform.

Ward Medication Management is the largest medication management database in Australia, with contracts to provide Residential Medication Management Reviews to over 374 aged care facilities. Ward Medication Management is a leading medication management organisation within the Residential Aged Care market.

Our management and sales team continue to grow and develop with a strong focus on direct customer interaction to promote our capabilities and provide solutions-based outcomes for our customers.

Our future is extremely positive now that we have established diversity within our products – all using the SOFIHUB platform. Our opportunities have expanded considerably as we continue to develop our capabilities into existing and new non-traditional markets.

In closing our strategies for product development and the acquisition of Ward MM have created significant opportunities to achieve our key objectives of continuing to build our successful business. We would again like to thank you for your ongoing support and look forward to sharing our futures successes with you.

Mark Simari
Who We Are


CARETEQ is an Australian company with a focus on designing & commercialising assisted-living technology products for a global audience

Our history

Founded in 2016, CARETEQ has continuously developed a proprietary, assistive living technology platform under the SOFIHUB brand. We now have expanded the number of devices that are integral and powered by our SOFIHUB proprietary platform, therefore creating much more diversity with our markets. 

In August 2021 CARETEQ acquired Ward Medication Management. This strategic acquisition complements CARETEQ’s position in the Aged Care and Residential market and provides the ability to introduce automation to the medication review process through integration into the CARETEQ technology platform.

CARETEQ has been successful throughout Australia, New Zealand and the United States. Recently our global footprint has expanded with our own direct representation based in the United States.

Our purpose & strategy

CARETEQ was founded to enhance the quality of life at home and in care. The company is fully committed to delivering constant improvements, state of the art technology and services through the development of unique technologies and proprietary software platforms.

Meet the CARETEQ Team


Mark Simari

Executive Chairman

Mark Simari is an experienced and accomplished professional in the health industry and has over 12 years’ Board experience in a diverse range of organisations. Mark was the former Managing Director and Co-Founder of Paragon Care (ASX: PGC) (between 2008 and 2018). He was instrumental in Paragon Care becoming one of the largest independent healthcare suppliers in Australian and New Zealand Markets, creating a healthcare platform spanning capital equipment, consumables, devices and service and maintenance.

Mark has over 20 years of experience in finance, investment, equity capital markets and M&A applying his progressive entrepreneurial acumen across diverse sectors and organisation types to provide the strategic leadership that takes a great idea into a profitable and sustainable commercial reality.

Brett Cheong

Non-executive Director

Brett has over 40 years of background within the healthcare industry at all levels of management. A director of a family-owned healthcare business for 20 years, founder and Managing Director of Axishealth Pty Ltd for 9 years including the role of Marketing Manager.

Promoted to the board of Paragon Care for 9 years following Paragon Care’s acquisition of Axishealth. Brett draws on a range of management skills focusing on Sales & Marketing, Product Design & Development, Manufacturing and International product sourcing.

Peter Scala

Managing Director & CEO

Peter has over 25 year’s experience within the medical device and health care industries in Australia. An accomplished senior executive his experience traverses across multiple business disciplines including finance, business administration and strategic business development.

Peter has held several directorships including co-founder and executive director of Electro Medical Group which was one of the largest privately-owned biomedical engineering companies in Australia before being acquired by Paragon Care (ASX:PGC) in 2016. Appointed as the company’s CEO in July 2019 and shortly after as Managing Director and a member of the board. Appointed as the company’s CEO in July 2019 and shortly after as Managing Director.

Alex Boyd

Executive Director & COO

Alex is an international executive with a background running transformation and growth programs for blue-chip companies in multiple sectors, including Shell (LON: RDSA), Parsons, Inc. (NYSY: PSN) and Idox Plx (LON: IDOX). He has more than two decades of experience in operations, procurement and resource management, concentrating on developing technology solutions.

Joining Careteq in its nascent stages and being promoted to the Board in December 2019, he draws on experience gained working with listed and unlisted company boards to deliver a broad range of far-reaching goals.

CARETEQ Senior Executives

David Lilja

Chief Financial Officer

David acts in the role of Chief Financial Officer for CARETEQ.

David is the founder of DLK Advisory and has spent more than 20 years supporting his clients in managing and coordinating their corporate, accounting and tax obligations.

Before starting DLK Advisory, David held senior leadership positions with Crowe Horwath, Smartgroup, KPMG and EY, which has provided him with broad expertise, experiences and business insights across a wide range of clients and industry sectors.